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dictionaries are so yesterday:
read bilingual books from our online collection
on any mobile device and on your desktop

can you remember this happening to you?

  • reading books in foreign languages can be slow and tiresome
  • using dictionary frequently, even online one, is not that fun
  • tracking and rechecking of new words is just too hard

introducing our solution:

web-based bilingual texts

see how it works on mobile:

check a sample book on desktop:

last but not least:
you can create your own bilingual books — right now
check out our unique online Book Editor

  • you can import ANY two text files into our Editor
  • no software installation is needed, you work completely online in browser
  • you get initial sentence alignment automatically, based on dots as separators
  • then you go on reading/checking your text, fixing possible alignment errors
  • the resulting book CAN be shared to public, by uploading it to our library

detailed documentation is available